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Why I Choose Pensight Over Stan Store for Selling Digital Products

One of the biggest choices you'll face is selecting the right platform to sell your digital products. As digital entrepreneurs, we're always on the lookout for platforms that not only simplify the selling process but also offer great value for our coins. The challenge? Finding a platform that balances cost, easy setup, and features to help us market and sell our digital products effectively. After testing out both Pensight and Stan Store, it became clear that Pensight was the right choice for me.

Here’s why I chose Pensight over Stan Store

I must say, both platforms impressed me with their user-friendliness. Setting up my digital products was a breeze on both platforms, taking only minutes to get everything up and running.

However, a critical factor came into play—price. I wasn't looking for a platform that would eat into my earnings with monthly subscription fees or high transaction fees. I needed a platform that allowed me to keep more money in my pocket.

Pricing and Plans

Pensight let’s get started for free with their Basic Plan, for more features you can choose the Pro Plan at $29 a month or the Biz Plan at $99 a month. Plus, there’s a 7-day trial to try out Pensight’s Pro Plan.

Stan Store doesn’t offer a free plan. Stan Store gives you two choices the Creator Plan at $29 a month and the Creator Pro at $99 a month, and even though there's no free plan, you get a 14-day trial to see if it's right for you.

Pensight's free Basic Plan and 0% transaction fee was a game-changer. It allowed me to start selling my digital products without the pressure of upfront costs. This was incredibly important to me, as it left more room for profit and experimentation with different strategies without the worry of recovering high platform fees.

Selling Capabilities

Beyond the pricing, Pensight's ability to sell a wide range of products and services, including one-on-one sessions and digital products, right from the free account, was a major plus for me.

With Pensight, even the $29 per month plan includes valuable selling features like payment plans, coupons, and upsells. These tools are essential for creating a seamless buying experience and increasing sales. Stan Store, however, reserves these perks for its $99 per month plan.

Beyond the pricing, Pensight's ability to let me do more without needing to upgrade to a paid plan was the clincher. The platform's extensive offerings, even on the free plan, meant I could sell a wide range of products and services, from one-on-one sessions to digital downloads, all without additional costs.

Conclusion: A Choice That Aligns with My Goals

Picking the wrong platform can really set you back—think higher costs, fewer selling options, and missing out on growth. Nobody wants to see their hard-earned profits shrink because of transaction fees, right?

That's exactly why I went with Pensight. Cutting down on those headaches and really helping me grow my digital product business. Pensight aligns perfectly with my needs and business goals. Its cost-effectiveness, paired with a bunch of great features, makes it the ideal choice for anyone looking to start or grow their digital product business with minimal upfront investment.

Ready to start your digital product journey with Pensight? Sign up for Pensight PRO to receive 40% discount for 2 months.

Don't let the wrong platform choice hold you back. Take the first step towards a more profitable and scalable digital product business with Pensight today.


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