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How To Share & Sell Canva Templates

Do you love creating in Canva and you are ready to start selling digital products? Selling Canva templates is a great way to earn extra cash or even passive income. Imagine your designs being used by businesses, bloggers, and content creators, earning you money with each sale. While sharing your Canva templates might seem tricky, don't worry—I'll guide you through the simple steps to get your Canva templates out there. Once it's all set up, it can become a source of passive income – earning you money while you sleep!

Step 1: Generate Your Canva Template Link

Open your Canva design.

Click on 'Share' in the top right corner.

How to Share Canva Templates

Click more.

How to share Canva Template Links

Click on the Template Link icon. If 'Template Link' isn’t visible, type 'template' in the search bar, and select the template link icon.

How to share canva templates

Copy the template link and save it somewhere for future reference.

How to share Canva Template Link

Note: if you share a design that includes pro elements with a user who’s use a free Canva account will need to upgrade to a pro account before they can download the design file.

Step 2: Create a Shareable Document

In Canva, go to 'File' > 'Create New' > type 'US Letter' to start a new document.

How to share a Canva Template Link

This will open a blank design

How to share a Canva Template Link

Create a clickable button in the document for your template. Use shapes and text to create your button. To embed the copied template link into the button, right click find the button find the "link" option & paste the template link you copied. It's helpful to add a thank you message and your contact information to your shareable PDF. Optionally, add social media links, terms of use, discount codes, or instructional video links.

How to share Canva Template Link

When done it should look similar to the image below.

How to share Canva Template Link

Create a shareable document with The Digital Product Instruction PDF Template

Step 3: Download as a PDF

Rename your document. Click on Share

How to Share Canva Template Links

Click Download

Choose 'PDF Standard' or 'PDF Print' as the file type.

How to Share Canva Template Links

Download the PDF

How to Share Canva Template Links

Step 4: Upload to Your Selling Platform

Upload your PDF to your chosen platform, like Etsy, Payhip, Pensight or Gumroad.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

For multiple designs, repeat these steps, changing the template link in your shareable document.

I've put together something really helpful – The Digital Product Instruction PDF Template. This makes it super easy for you to create a shareable PDF to sell your Canva templates.

Don't let any doubts stop you. It's time to turn your designs into a real source of income! Grab the Digital Product Instruction PDF Template.

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